Joanna Morgan Designs

Have you seen the work of Seattle FGI Member Joanna Morgan?  Joanna has been creating jewelery for several years. She grew up in Poland and was strongly influenced by a family with eclectic interests, Joanna has always been fascinated by art and design. She decided to launch her first collection in early 2010 after she left yet another party having sold her earrings to a friend who loved them, and bought them on the spot. From the start Joanna focused on creating jewelry accessories that are not only stylish and unique, but made with quality materials. Her favorites are semi precious stones, fine and sterling silver, pearls, and wood. She seeks out and collects antique and vintage elements, which she often incorporates into her designs to make one of a kind jewelry pieces.

Stay tuned for Joanna Morgan Designs website coming at the end of July (!  In the meantime, you can connect with her via her Facebook page (, Twitter (@JoannaM99), or blog  You can also see her at lots of FGI events.

(I have been to several of her shows and loved them and her work. It is really beautiful and high quality. But also affordable!)


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