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 Juliet Sander


Juliet Sander’s main business is running her branding and consulting firm, Sander Brand Culture, which assists fashion clients with marketing.  In her fourth year of teaching fashion marketing at the UW Professional & Continuing Education, and launching a new thrice yearly visual journal magazine called Day Night, it’s hard to imagine that she has time for anything else.  But on April 11th, we found her moderating an Entrepreneurs Roundtable Discussion at Oddfellows Café in Capitol Hill. 

The idea for the Roundtable came to her years ago after hearing stories from several clients in the fashion industry with similar issues like brand expansion, investors, doing business with the majors (department stores, big box), manufacturing, etc. “I thought wouldn’t it be great if I could get them all together to talk to each other about issues and how to approach them” Juliet said.  She presented the format to FGI in November and had the first of the monthly events on April 11th.  Groups of no more than 8 people will meet each month to discuss varied business topics.  Pre-requisites for inclusion in the discussion include being an entrepreneur who has been in business for 3-5 years and coming to the discussion with questions but also solutions for some of the issues being addressed in the fashion industry today.  Juliet stresses “We want people to listen and learn from the discussions, but also contribute their ideas on the topics as well”.

If you are interested in joining upcoming roundtable discussions, please email Juliet directly: or call 206.280.7274for more information.


Juliet Sander


Member Profile Photos courtesy of Danielle Bortone-Holt.

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