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 Tara Sauvage


Tara Sauvage is owner and designer of fine leather handbags for Rocco e Dante.  The first collection started in 2009 with only 5 designs because Tara was funding the project on her own.  A King County native, Sauvage has lived in Asia and L.A. before coming back to Seattle to start her line.  Originally a shoe designer, she learned the business of handbags by designing for a belt and bag company.  Most of what she learned in Los Angeles and Seattle doing freelance design has helped in her own business.  She counts her extensive vintage bag collection, travel and research as her inspirations for her designs.  We asked Tara if she had any advice for designers considering starting their own line.

She said “The fashion industry is very competitive and very expensive.  You don’t make any money in the beginning.”  She says that it is so important to learn the business and how to run it before you start, “You can design beautiful bags but if you don’t know how to run the business or sell them, then they will just sit on a shelf.”    That being said, you just have to go for it she advises.  “Starting a small business is a big risk and sometimes I wonder if I was crazy to do it, but crazy is good.  Designers are a different breed anyway, right?”  


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Rocco e Dante

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